Another year of independent music-making is in the books and the Beasts have had an inside look at the whole thing. But even more so behind the scenes than your local Beasts are the management and production teams that make the whole thing happen. It’s easy for us as listeners and enthusiasts to take our music at face value, but we often forget that (unfortunate as it may be) this beautifully, fantastically, magical world of music is, at the end of the day, a business – and an incredibly complicated and difficult one at that. This is why we have our trusted managers to help guide decisions, aesthetics, and deals along the way.

From overseeing record deals, to tour booking and accommodations, to making stylistic and branding decisions, here’s a nod to three of our favorite band managers of 2015:

Ryan Matteson


Ryan is the man behind the rise of one of our recent Artists of the month Bully. We are all grateful for the rising presence of this band as they signed to Columbia Records independant label Startime and released their debut album Feels Like in 2015. Matteson also manages Beats Antique, The Dismemberment Plan, Lettuce, Strand Of Oaks, Wild Cuband Toro y MoiCheck out Ryan’s media presence at muzzleofbees.tumblr.com





Kurt Lane


Kurt is digital head at Domino Records and manages bands such as Yuck and Saintseneca with Hard Land Management. his experience in social media strategy and the rising digital tides of the industry is what makes Kurt such a valuable player behind the scenes. Kurt understands how to expend every last resource in the digital world to help raise awareness and revenue for the talent he manages. from social media to streaming services, Kurt Lane is a manager you want on your team.




Kim Gantz


Last but most certainly not least on our list of 2015’s best managers, is our very own Kimberly Gantz. Kim epitomizes hard work and dedication to her talent. This past year we saw the successful national tour and phenomenal CMJ appearance of indie electric act Tow3rs,  along with the video EP realease along with tastefully shot music video of YASSOU (which you can watch here). Kim is the head Beast here at Atypical Beasts Agency and oversees your very own ATYPICALSOUNDS. We can’t thank her enough for what she does.


So there you have it. These folks are 2015’s MVP’s of Behind the scenes. The Beasts can’t wait to see what they will have up their sleeves for next year.