Delicious food, beautiful views and awesome music made this past weekend’s 4Knots Festival the perfect NYC summer day. The lineup was very rock n’ roll-centric featuring the heavy-hitting Heaters and Screaming Females, classic indie rock 5 piece Twin Peaks and punk-rock Surfbort. London band Happyness joined from across the pond to mellow things out and were complimented nicely by Heaven, Mikal Cronin, and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks. Super Furry Animals headlined delivering their own brand of eclectic, new age, pop weirdness.


While 4Knots were pretty stationary in the “rock band” genre, there was still something for everyone. Starting off the day were the tough as nails punk act, Surfbort. Sporting classic riot grrrl attire (necklaces with severed doll heads, etc) Surtbort is inspired by, if not directly referencing, Kathleen Hanna in the Bikini Kill era. As a huge aficionado of this genre and movement, I was impressed by the authenticity and truthfulness of Surfbort’s set. Their “girls to the front” attitude and their dynamic live performance made them a highlight of the day regardless of their status as the opening act.

surfbort at 4knotsmarissa paternoster

Another stand-alone performance was delivered by Screaming Females. Marissa Paternoster blew the crowd away with her wild guitar solos and unreal vocal prowess. Although the Screaming Females are very guitar rock who call on some outdated influences, they feature pop-based melodic lines to keep the audience captivated in what could’ve become an overwhelming sea of guitar lines.

Twin Peaks was the uncontested crowd favorite. Those dance moves were so wild that their mic stands fell off the stage twice (once directly on top of me). The Twin Peaks dudes were inspiring, forcing even the security guards to dance along. Twin Peaks music fluctuates between the day dreams of melancholy schoolboys and the rants of raucous, power-chord pumping rock and rollers, but after their set on Saturday, anyone can see they are moving in the direction of the latter. I’m definitely looking forward to what this band will get up to in the coming months.

twin peaks 4knots

4knots festival

4knots festival

4knots brooklyn

4Knots brought together some incredible talent this weekend and really has the making of a NYC summer staple. Hopefully next year’s fest will expand even further, perhaps covering a wider musical range. Either way, the future is looking bright for this event!

Written by Alessandra Licul