Plica Headphones by Molami Premium headphones


These are some high fashion headphones for a great price. Sound quality is good too, but their selling point really is their look. These headphones are minimalistic, with very little to their design, which adds to the intrigue. The modern style was designed with an everyday use in mind. The ear caps and headband are wrapped in leather and the wire string is encased by a dark fabric. These headphones come in black and white and go for only $99.

Linea No 1 headphones by Caeden


These headphones are a highly fashionable pair that won’t go over $200. These headphones have an impressive sound quality with a very original design. A metal finish that is mixed with vegan leather bands in three different designs, each with colors that clash in a very beautiful way make these headphones look amazing. These headphones come in Ceramic and Rose Gold, Carbon and Gold, and Carbon and Goldmetal for $149

45 Sv2 Studio/DJ headphones by Eskuche


If you want something a little less flashy, then these are the headphones for you. With a performance that will match almost anything that you see out there, these headphones will blow you away with their level of clarity. These headphones are designed with the studio in mind but they are also great for practical purposes. They come in black and in silver and they go for $129.95.

ATH-WS55 by Audio-Technica


A great pair of headphones with an incredible sound reach due to its frequency response with makes the bass sounds outstanding along with good trebles too. Probably one of the best sounding headphones when it comes to tech out of this list (if you could actually differentiate the sounds), from a company that is renowned for their sound technology. A piece of great technology at $99.95.

Urbanite by Sennheiser


Urbanite headphones have a beautiful design as well as sound quality. These headphones come with detachable cable microphones specifically accommodating for both Apple and Android devices for the best quality of sound from either type of phone. The headphones are designed with durability in mind and will last for a long time. The Urbanite headphones are also compact and have a folding feature that allows them to be easily stored. Urbanite headphones come in 5 different colors at $99.95