Katie and Ben Marshall are fire.

The second I pressed play on their soundcloud to their new music, I instantly had a mental flashback of dancing in my room with Michael Schoeffling (my lamp) to the Sixteen Candles soundtrack.

Paperwhite Live @ Cameo Gallery

Paperwhite Live @ Cameo Gallery

This Brooklyn based dream-pop duo Paperwhite clearly grabs their influence from a handful of 80s pop artists like Aphex Twin, Depeche mode, and Stevie Wonder in addition to some more modern electro pop figures. They addict you to their wistful, synthpop sounds, plunging you into a nostalgic haze while Katie’s smooth vocals swim over your skin. Ben is the producer and co-writer while also drumming with the Brooklyn band Savoir Adore. They played this year’s SXSW and absolutely killed it. It’s no secret that their music is worth listening to; they’ve been listed on Hypem’s most Blogged Artist twice in a row and just let out their debut EP Magic and the beasts have gotten our eyes on them.

Recently, they were selected to be one of 84 obviously awesome international bands to join Converse Music on their journey to Iceland to record at Greenhouse Studios with Rubber Tracks. Being selected for a stellar program like this one is a reassurance, if you needed any to begin with, that listening to their stuff is not a waste of time. A ton of amazing artists have been honored with the highly sought-after free recording time in the iconic studios, like Via Audio, Journalism, The Veevees, and hundreds more.

Paperwhite’s sounds grabbed me and wrapped its silky, dreamy arms around me and I cannot wait to see what they come up with when they return from Greenhouse.

Written by Annie Paul