In the California Gold Rush, people would spend hours picking up small specks of gold in filtering systems along a stream or river. Idgy Dean is like finding a huge mass of gold tumbling down the hill into your lap. In other words, if you are able to filter through the endless hours of mediocre pop and rock artists and stumble upon her, you’re incredibly lucky, because she is pure gold.

Why do I say this? Besides the fact that she is our May Artist of the Month, just watch the video of her playing and you’ll see instantly this untampered, untainted unique woman at work making more creative music than you’ve heard all day. Listen to songs like “Bang Bang Sun” or “Inauguration” to see her wide variety of talents. But first watch her latest release, “Pantheon punk” below!

Lindsay Sanwald is the enigma behind the inde-mind-bending-experience that is Idgy Dean. Sanwald writes and plays all of her music. She made the song “The Indian Squirrel Dance” in her room with Garage Band. Her ability to write, play and perform music is jaw-dropping.

We’ll start with her actual writing capability. The power to summon masterfully crafted pieces that have such balance of highs and lows is basically inexplicable. Her songs as stand alone pieces are great, but to me, they have this presence that paints a vivid and colorful story in my mind. Artists who specialize in soundtracks like Hans Zimmer (Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Danny Elfman (Spider Man and Psycho) have this ability to create ambience, personality and tone in a matter of seconds of their music, and Idgy is no different. Listening to her songs again and again, a person will just fall deeper, continuously discovering new components of her music each time. 

Next, let’s hit the amazing knack Lindsay has of keeping track of all parts of a song and various vocal parts while playing it live. If you get the chance to see her live, DO IT. She’ll be playing in New York on May 19th, presented by yours truly, ATYPICAL SOUNDS, and I highly encourage you to catch that show. Watching her play drums, looping them and then picking up the guitar and singing while changing loops is like seeing a painting come to life in front of you. Her grasp of simple and energetic drums is astounding and being able to create guitar parts that repeat and yet never overstay their welcome is fascinating to watch. Her voice is sublime and soothing, a call straight from the soul that reaches further and deeper than the listeners ears.

Lindsey sticks to her style, aware of what she wants and as she said in an interview with GBP, “Idgy Dean is the highest pursuit of my highest self—it’s my raw core cultivated. The more adventurous, present, and honest I am, the better it seems to work.” This honest and raw version of herself is heard through her music perfectly. She has this intense potential to create worlds with her music and I look forward to many albums of her majestic music.

To end this I’ll say one last thing, gold is very precious, it is rare, beautiful and has no real equal, and this is why Idgy Dean is pure gold.