A Heaping Helping of Heaps n Heaps

Indie grooves, Cali vibes, and tight, soothing harmonies? Yes please! Pile it on and come back for seconds! Drizzle some Heaps n Heaps onto your afternoon and get lost in the LA foursome’s casually epic sound. Check this out and thank me later:

Heaps n Heaps (Alisa Fedele, Zach Moon, John Pruitt and Dan Dowsett) began in 2013 and have been on the rise ever since. I mean just look at them: these people take their fun seriously. Are they high-energy indie rockers? Perhaps a soulful, southern blues outfit? Mix in some folk and you’re starting to get the idea, but definitive categorization is elusive. Heaps n Heaps is an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, an eclectic combination of food-groups designed to sustain you all day. Save room for seconds!

Heaps n Heaps starts their September tour today (9/10), stopping in LA, Utah, and Colorado. Catch them as they venture east, and be sure to check out their new album “Live at the Village” releasing October 9th!