We all have choices when it comes to streaming music on our phones. From Pandora to Spotify, Apple Music to Play Music, the options for discovering new music every day are seemingly endless. That being said, not all apps do what Sounds does.

Sounds tries to do a bit more than just help you discover music. Through the Sounds app, your discovery becomes your friends’ discovery as well. The app allows you to share a song through Instagram. You thought those videos of you at the beach or those pictures of your cat were as good as they could be? They’re about to be kicked up a notch.

The app allows for customizing the song through the app, to either attach photos or videos to the song and add a whole different vibe to your Instagram page.

The app is surprisingly enjoyable with this customization. Not only do the Instagram boosting features make it cool, but it’s a pretty solid music app as is. It has no ads at the moment and while it might not have exactly everything you are looking for in the music department, it does have a good selection of indie to listen to.

Sounds is only as enjoyable as you are though, so try to be open and take into account all the possibilities and fun opportunities you could have sharing songs through Instagram.