What seems like an overnight development has become the most prolific indie pop artist of the past 10 years. Visiting her BandCamp page will undoubtedly overwhelm, since there are 51 different releases of hers on there. I haven’t listened to each one of them because I am a human being with flaws just like everyone else.

All that productivity does bring to question how someone is able to generate that much work from 2009 to present day. It’s rather impressive for someone to already such a robust catalogue in such a short span of time. Almost too impressive. Suspiciously impressive.. Personally, I think it’s a product of Frankie’s excellent work ethic, as well as her skill as a songwriter. Other fans, however have their own theories.

I will go on record and confidently state that Frankie Cosmos might not be a lizard person. Maybe. Who knows? Regardless of that eternal mystery, what we do know is Frankie recently released Next Thing, her first project of 2016. It’s a collection of affectionate, humorous ditties.

And what’s most endearing about her songs is how she’s able to write a line that’s funny without it being overbearingly jokey. For “I’m 20” no one-liner takes away from the crisp melancholia of the track. The delicacy in which a line as clever as “I’ll sell my soul for a free pen/on it, the name of a corporation,” is delivered helps the song as whole shine through as opposed to any particular witticism.

Many of the songs off Next Thing have an extemporaneous, yet still personal, feel to them, as if they were essays spawned by a creative writing prompt at a workshop. Yet the free flowing nature in the words of songs like “Outside With The Cuties” and “O That Dreaded C Town” live withins tightly paced songs that don’t even touch the three minute mark. The fun pop songs on here like “If I Had A Dog” and “Sinister” make for a better paced listen, but the builds that lead toward less A-to-B endings linger on in the mind longer.

With a seemingly bottomless pit of melodic prose at her disposal, Frankie Cosmos has been able to create her own distinguishable identity as a singer-songwriter. Next Thing is another addition to her expansive discography, and while the work here is as charming and effective as her others, her ridiculous productivity takes away the specialness of this particular record. It’s just another very good piece of work that’s part of a long long string of very good work.

Frankie has yet to release a paradigm shift of a record yet, but even if she doesn’t, the granular treasures in her music that help her stand out are so unique to her own self that it’s really hard to see her getting usurped in any way. Her music will continue being irreverent and engaging, which is something no amphibian creature could ever pull off.