As the lights come up in the Grand Ballroom of Webster Hall, Youth Lagoon’s lead singer Trever Powers walks around the stage with one arm waving and swinging. The crowd goes crazy. He makes his way to the keyboard where his fingers begin to play the first notes of the show. It is clear that this is his passion as he plays the keyboard, as if it is a part of his soul, as if this is the last time he will play these keys. He quickly exits the stage only to come right back to the keyboard and microphone. Expelling nothing but perfect vocals into the microphone while purple smoke brushes over him and the stage, he added to the already omnipresent charisma in the room.

DPP_00I looked below me and saw a sea of fans covered in blue light, completely entranced with the show they came to see. Trevor then begins to interact with the crowd after a few songs, one kid in particular named Eugene. “You seem like you’ve had a milkshake or two.”  Eugene replies, “Chocolate all the way!” Trevor laughs. “Chocolate all the way! Eugene, you are a cool mother fucker.”  Another fan in the crowd excitedly asks, “WHAT’S IDAHO LIKE?” To which he responds, “What is Idaho like? Is this a Q & A? Let’s just turn this into a TED Talk.” The crowd laughs. “So Idaho…There’s some cool dive bars, there’s some isolation, there’s some despair (he pauses) and there’s some potatoes.” Everyone erupts in laughter.

All is good until, wait for it, he realizes his sustain pedal just broke. Keeping his cool he jokes to Eugene yet again, “Eugene you don’t happen to have a sustain pedal do you?” Someone comes to replace the pedal and he tests the replacement with the crowd pleaser, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Without missing a beat he leans into the microphone singing the words How are we supposed to know what’s real and begins to perform Rotten Human. It was a truly poetic moment.

I left my spot for a few minutes to excuse myself to the ladies room. When I came back out, not only was my spot taken, but Trevor’s voice could still be heard despite his absence on stage. Suddenly, I look up right beside me and realize he’s not on stage because he’s dancing on a box right next to me singing his heart out while leaning over the crowd. He then sprints back down the stairs to his keyboard.


Youth Lagoon embodied every aspect of entertainment and music. Between the beautiful melodies that make you escape to the most beautiful crevices of your mind, to Trevor’s humor and voice and the exceptional band that supports him. Along with great opening performances from musician Ronald Paris and the band Moon King, this show was above and beyond any expectation. And my expectations were already high.