Alice Phoebe Lou is a self proclaimed “blues/folk/whatever” artist, sometimes even venturing into the world of “folky blues stuff with psychedelic lead,” the genre she classifies herself under on her
page. Alice hails from
Kommetjie Cape Town, South Africa and the wacky South African accent is nowhere to be found in the musical tapestries she constructs in her songs.

Growing up in Cape Town, Alice Phoebe Lou was rarely without a guitar in hand. She traveled Europe and found a home in the street musician scene of Berlin, where she has resided for the last 3 years supporting herself through busking. She has played all over the world, “from Palestine to New York.” She released a live album in 2015 and is currently in works with her musical collaborator multi-instrumentalist Matteo Pavlov. 

Alice Phoebe Lou weaves together cacophonous vocal melodies and delicate guitar lines. Alice Phoebe Lou’s bluesy and soulful voice provide an interesting contrast. As opposed to fighting the arrangement of her music, Alice’s voice is merely the broadest and most vibrant stroke in a beautiful painting. This is most evident in songs “Deep Blue Sea” and “Society.”

One of Alice Phoebe Lou’s other musical strengths lie in the poetry of her lyrics. She uses idiom phrases such as “all is fair in love and war,” and “throw caution to the wind” but pairs them with relevant narrative, like in her song “Society,” a piece which depicts her strong views on individualism and how society attempts to brainwash its members. In this way Alice’s music is very classic folk; using her guitar to convey her personal opinions on a broad, worldwide issue. “Deep Blue Sea” stands apart from the rest of her Soundcloud tracks because while retaining Alice Phoebe Lou’s trademark lyricism, the rhythm on the track switches meter (similar to a Beatles song!) and keeps you engaged and waiting for the chorus.
Check out Alice Phoebe Lou on her Soundcloud page because the Beasts will be bumping it all month in anticipation for her 2016 full length album release!

Written by Alessandra Licul