Artist of the Month: Multimagic

It’s that time of the year again, when spots throughout New York City transform from concrete jungle to music mecca. CMJ is upon us and the beasts could not be more stoked! For one week in the middle of October, it will be impossible to walk down the street without hearing sounds from emerging artists across the globe pulling you into bars and clubs from all directions.

Even more impossible – selecting one of these artists to feature as our October “Artist of the Month.”

We landed on Multimagic and the landing stuck.


Multimagic is a five-piece Indie-Pop outfit composed of Singer/Guitarist Coran Stetter, Keyboardist Brian Davis, Guitarist/Singer Ben Hines, Bassist/Singer Mia Carruthers, and Drummer Sebastien Schultz. They all met in Cincinnati, OH where they were each involved in the local music scene in different capacities. When I asked how the band got started, Singer/Guitarist Coran Stetter said “Once the five of us were in the same room, it was clear that something was happening and the friendships blossomed out of that realization and commitment to the project.” The take-away word there for me is “friendships.” You can really feel the friendship in the way their music comes together with such ease– whether it’s the keys and the guitars riffing off of one another or the vocals sliding in and out of harmony seamlessly.


Of their musical influences, Stetter cites Arcade Fire, Wild Nothing, and Tame Impala. However, he also mentions the significance that local Cincinnati bands like Molly Sullivan and The Yugos have had on their music.  There is something magical (dare I say multimagical?) about this band. Maybe it’s the energy booming from the up-tempo bass/drums? Perhaps it’s the dreamy quality of the ethereal synth pads fluttering beneath bouncy guitars? For me, it’s the way the band seems to blend large scale indie-pop sound with their own local flavor in stand-out anthems like Let Go.”

With only three songs released to date, Multimagic’s appearance at this year’s CMJ is a testament only to the strength of the music—a refreshing change of pace in today’s pop music landscape.

As for what we have to look forward to from this band, we’ll have to wait and see. They’re currently in the studio recording their debut full-length record, though they have no set release date. While I personally am on the edge of my seat waiting for more music from this group, I did find comfort  in knowing that I get to see them play live at CMJ in just a couple weeks. If you’re in the New York area, be sure to check them out on Wednesday 10/14 at The Holy Underground showcase at 7:30 . You do not want to be the one who missed this band when they’re playing sold out venues later down the road. See CMJ tour dates below!


TUESDAY 10/13: DoNYC CMJ Kick-off @ Arlene’s Grocery – 4pm

WEDNESDAY 10/14: Holy Underground @ Berlin – 7:30pm

THURSDAY 10/15: Birddog Day Party @ Bowery Electric – 2:30pm

Band Mom Presents @ Passenger – 1:15am (Thursday Night)

SATURDAY 10/17: Hallelujah Blackout @ The Rock Shop – 4pm