Upon seeing their names listed as Big Snack, D-Mac, Special K, Petunia, and Triscuit on Facebook with their real names nowhere to be specified online, I knew they were going to be a rad group of guys. I came across their set at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (which sadly doesn’t exist anymore) a few months ago when they blew the place up with their energetic and youthful vibes. All the hair-flipping and rolling on the ground kept the crowd rowdy and excited, leaving me with an appetite to get to know them more in depth.


Baltimore based band Sun Club have been built by childhood friends who had the same vision in life: start a band, become rockstars, take over the world. Shayne and Devin are two blood brothers who grew up together and loved making homemade videos. “They were outside making a movie one day- a really stupid kid movie, and Mikey who was a neighbor wanted to be a part of it so they started making zombie movies together.” Adam and Cory tagged along later on, and “have been around since 1946” Adam jokes as he’s telling me this story. They have been playing as Sun Club for 3 years now, and have been on the uprise since.

I got pretty exciting hearing the ultimate summer tune “Summer Feet” on the latest Cheverolet Trax commercial while watching videos of YouTube. It feels great to recognize great indie tunes in unexpected places like this. Apparently, none of the band members have yet to come across this commercial!

They started pursuing music at a pretty young age, and have been rolling in that field without any other career interests. Though Devin seemed to have a dream to become the next Willy Wonka by working at a chocolate factory, oddly! “He wanted to work in the candy world and actually went to school for it, but dropped out” since they started making some awesome tunes with Sun Club.


Every musician needs an escape from music, spending their downtime consumed with other hobbies. “We sit in a circle and do all this voodoo stuff, collect people’s hairs and all.” Adam goes on about this voodoo business for a few minutes which makes me start questioning whether he’s speaking the truth since it was so detailed…We will never know! Either way, they still seem like a cool bunch of people to hang with.
So what is Sun Club’s ultimate goal in their musical career, and at what point will they feel fully accomplished? “Be sponsored by Chipotle so we can get an unlimited amount of Chipotle for life.” If you want to please them, you better show up to their next show with a bag full of bowls and burritos! (Some extra chips and guac for the beasts won’t hurt either!)