Birdcloud Gets Dirty @ The Mohawk

Birdcloud, the country babe duo Jasmin and Makenzie, took the audience at their sold out show Friday, August 28th. The girls were in the middle of their Texas tour. They sold out of tickets by 1o pm at the Mohawk. The inside stage room was packed and everyone was waiting for Birdcloud to start their oh so entertaining act. They preformed new songs from their new album TETNIS, along with the original songs that got everyone to fall in love with their gritty, unplugged country music.


Even though they are from Nashville, Tennessee, I am pretty sure they LOVE Texas. Having been here three times this year for Fun Fun Fun, SXSW, and now. Texas definitely loves them and keeps bringing them back. The band has been together since 2009 and have released three albums. They’ve always known how to push limits, but this latest release tests some far-out boundaries. A fun and sexy act, they really bring the life to live music. Jasmine and Makenzie have an amazing connection on stage and are 100% comfortable with each other. They sing about real life; down in the dirt shit. There is no beating around the bush lyrics, cut and dry and right in your face. They might offend some people but screw ’em. Music is a form of expression and they use it correctly. One of their songs, “Do What I Want” is a great example of what they do best- exactly what they want.

Birdcloud went on at 11:30 and played almost an hour long set. Some bands just stick to their new work but these girls brought it all out to the table. They played each others guitars and drank each others drinks, ending one song by rolling around on the floor and wrestling each other all while playing their mandolin and guitar. At one point they brought their friends up, singing and caressing them all over the stage. They brought that true country grit and had a damn crazy show.

Birdcloud3 Birdcloud2

They were in Dallas the night before and San Antonio Saturday night. Who knows… They might be rolling through again soon.