Notorious creative agency and event producers Matte Projects brings us another night of fusing the concert, art gallery and nightclub experience. Self described as a “multi-dimensional collaborative music, design and art affair,” BLACK is a music and art fueled experimental party centered around the aesthetic of the color black. 

“BLACK is not only the absence of all light, but also the amalgamation of all color,” and this event promises to engage all of your senses. It features the music of Parisian  Gesaffelstein, multi-disciplined electronic artist Jon Hopkins, M.I.A collaborator GENER8ION, and last but not least Kanye West’s artistic director FLAT WHITE. This insane list of talented and influential artists is enough to convince anyone who dares to live in Brooklyn to attend BLACK. 

Featured artists are broken up into separate rooms which serve as interactive vignettes that explore color immersively, the beautifully provocative Cara Stricker, Jesper Jest, the daring and illuminating Toki Series, Virgil Abloh, and the larger than life Zach Walker. The DJs in the basement come to you from Berlin (Tummetott) and L.A (MASHA) respectively. If this doesn’t sound like the definition of an amalgamation of culture and art, I’m not quite sure what is. 

BLACK will be taking over the Brooklyn Hangar, a limitless warehouse space overlooking Sunset Park. This is a night the Beasts do not want to miss! Get your tickets here!

Written by Alessandra Licul 

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