Since their early days, the Portland based band Blind Pilot has been a band without huge recognition. I told my friend that I was writing a piece on Blind Pilot and she thought I meant the 90’s band that sings “No Rain.” I can’t blame her for thinking that, her life is pretty plain.

When I got assigned to do this article, I got really excited because I was a fan of Blind Pilot in high school. My crush at the time told me to listen to “3 Rounds and A Sound” and I was immediately hooked. The song is a beautiful ballad recalling a relationship and a couple’s “song.” I downloaded their first album, of the same name, and it was amazing. Their first album was a great first, it was solid and strong and kept the same sorrowful themes throughout.

3 Rounds and A Sound is a great sentimental piece with songs about love and heartbreak, as are  many of their songs like “Poor Boy,” “Oviedo” and “The Story I Heard.” Blind Pilot’s music could be categorized as indie-folk, with its blend of soft vocals and acoustic sounds. Their music is reminiscent of a relaxing afternoon spent with someone you love.

Their last album, We Are The Tide, is no different. It keeps the same soft and mellow charm that made their first album so memorable. Songs like “White Apple” will have you feeling some form of delayed teenage angst and will leave you missing your old high school crush that is now engaged, or maybe that’s just me.

Bling Pilot’s music is one that will sound very familiar to you and that is because it is featured in many mainstream television shows. Shows like One Tree Hil, Private Practice and Chuck. The reason for this is that their music is very gentle and evocative of melancholy emotions.

Although Blind Pilot has not put out any new music recently, they’ve been working non-stop. They are currently touring with Vance Joy as part of their 2016 tour. Blind Pilot has also been allegedly working on a new album since the end of last year. I hope we get to hear some more of their sweet easy going sounds soon.