BLSHS Brings The Synth Pop

BLSHS, pronounced ‘Blushes’ is a synth-pop band based out of Houston TX. The trio of Chris Gore, Rick Carruth and Michelle Miears formed in 2013 and have been taking over Bandcamp ever since. The group makes for a badass indie collaboration. They each have amazing skills and put together, they will warp your mind into a waterfall of crimson blush. They are a tight group with songs that transcend you into another frame of mind from heavy pressure to a mix of non-gravity once you just close your eyes and listen. Get sucked into their music and float the sound wave with the deep bass and spacey synth. Their most recent EP album release was Abstract Desires and they killed it with their label Synth Records. They have 6 songs on the EP, the first titled ‘Blushes’, brings you into the electronic vibe and most beautiful vocals from Miears. The group knows how to take you through a story of their music, ending with the song ‘Runaway’ that is up beat and leaves you wanting more and the BEASTS can’t wait to hear more!

XOXO Wakeena