Playing CMJ for the first time, Blue Healer hit up the big apple and brought some booty shaking music from Austin, Texas. Three friends David Beck, Bryan Mammel, and Dees Stribling got together only a few months ago in January to form this band and made tunes with a  little bit of Rock ’n Roll, R&B, and Soul in it. With an array of bands performing at CMJ this year they took part in the Texas Takeover showcase and turned The Delancey into a party house. We’re very much excited to listen to their first album coming out in 2016!

blue healer

I take it blue is your favorite color?

Actually we were just talking about that. Yeah, at least mine is.

Mine is also blue.

I like blue.

Is that where you got your name from?

Maybe subconsciously perhaps. Sadly it’s not a really interesting story. It was going to be a song, but it didn’t and just sat there in a book written down. And then it got looked at one day- so it ended up being a band name and not a song. So it had a deceiving life. It thought it was going to be one thing all its life and it turned out that it wasn’t supposed to. It had bigger things to do.

So how’s your experience in NYC been so far?

It’s great to be here in October because all of our Facebook friends are like “oh its 97 degrees out” and theres pumpkin patches. It doesn’t really make sense in Texas. We’re not a fan of pumpkins when it’s 100 degrees outside.

How do you guys know each other?

We met in a town called San Marcos, Texas and we were sort of in the same little realm and went to this place called Cheatham Street Warehouse. There’s a little bar down there and we just ran into each other and we bought a van and that was it. We were like “we should buy a van and play music together.” And we did.

What happened to the van?

We still have it. It’s around the corner. The van is parked conveniently close to the venue. If we didn’t have the van we’d just be three normal guys.

Were you guys involved in different bands before Blue Healer?

We were all involved in different bands before this, but it wasn’t similar to this. It was all in English though, those were the only similarities. But we played all kinds of music really. I think this is the most I’ve been excited about though. It feels the most natural. It’s our ball of clay. I said that in another interview and I’m sticking with that phrase.

blue healerere

What do you mean?

You can craft it and shape it any way you want. Its easy to carry around, it can change in a whim, it’s cheap. The clay that dries, or silly clay?

Silly clay, yeah. Unless you have a kiln I guess. But who has a kiln these days anyway right?

Who are your influences?

Aside from Tim Dunkin- well, sort of all kinds of music. It feels like all over the place, but somehow it all sticks together and I think that’s unique to my experience with this band is that it can blend a lot of different styles of music into one cohesive sound. We don’t like traditional Irish civil war songs. We found that out while we were on the van. No offense to the Irish.

You guys have an album coming out next year- Have you guys figured out all the songs going on it?

It’s already recorded and it’s ready to go.

Describe your album in one sentence.

BLUE. Assimilating group of songs. A couple of years of humans lives. It’s so hard, we’ll work on that one.

Butt grabbing music for sure. That sounds about right! It grabs your butt and your soul.

Any great bands you discovered during CMJ?

We saw Wet Leather at Arlene’s Grocery. We also saw one here(The Delancey)- Grammas Boyfriend. I’m not making that up! Mobley was amazing. They’re from Austin and I didn’t even know they were til today. It’s funny how you travel all the way across the country and find whatever cool bands are from your town.