Nemes is going places. Literally. This week, the Massachusetts-based band begins a series of performances that includes a January 23rd show at Fat Baby in New York’s Lower East Side. They’ll also be premiering a video series, featuring the band performing in-studio. Luckily, ATYPICAL SOUNDS was able to snag some time with bass player Alex Glover, and pick his brain on it all.

Congratulations on your nomination for Live Act of the Year at the 2015 Boston Music Awards. What would you say it is about your live act that makes it so special? How did you find out you were nominated?

AG: I would say our live act is special (on a good day) because we’re usually feeling very connected to one another. All the songs are arranged very collectively and we all feel like we have a role in specific parts of each song. When Josh (Knowles) or Dave (Anthony) are taking a solo, Chris (Anthony) and I usually pump each other up and keep energy high. For all of our 3-part harmony sections, we usually practice by looking each other dead in the eyes while we sing. I know we’re all picturing what the other is thinking while we sing. Our live show is very interconnected while maintaining a spirit of high energy.

You also have a new series of in-studio videos coming out. Can you tell us what we can expect and what the first video will feature?

AG: All the videos will essentially feature the same thing: us playing in a studio that we rented out for a couple of days. Our good friend James engineered the session, Boston music scene staple Murdock Manor took care of lighting, and our new buddy Hanzley and his crew shot the videos. I’m not entirely sure what the first release will be, but as far as what to expect; Over the course of the video releases, the viewer will hopefully be able to experience the range of emotions that we strive to convey every time we play.

Your bio claims that Nemes formed; “around 2000 years ago”. How have you worked to stay relevant over the last couple of millennia?

AG: We honestly forget.

You’ve performed in a variety of different settings, including in the subway, have you had any unique experiences while busking in Boston?

AG: Yup. Chris once received a Silver Surfer ring from an enthusiastic/psychedelic bum. One time a homeless man smashed a bottle of Monster Energy on the ground/in our case. Tons of folks have danced, we’ve gotten hired for weddings, sometimes even gotten recognized from friends we hadn’t seen in years. Busking is a strange and beautiful thing.

What are your favorite venues in Boston? 

AG: Our CD release was at The Middle East. It’s an awesome room in Cambridge and we’re proud to have sold it out. The Sinclair is a fantastic venue as well, and Great Scott will always have a killer punk-rock vibe to it.

What about your favorite local musicians?

AG: Favorite musicians is a whole different story. We’ve made too many friends to name, but in ABSOLUTELY no order:

Damn Tall Buildings, Dressed for the Occassion, Annabel Lee, Will Dailey, Air Traffic Controller, Oh Malo, Arms and Ears, Grey Season, Box of Birds, The Luxury, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Eternals, and the list goes on.

Are there any bands you opened for that you’re especially proud of?

AG: Yes! A couple: Guster, X Ambassadors, and The Lonely Forest were all incredibly different but amazing experiences!

How do you feel the response has been to your debut LP, I Carry Your Heart? Is there anything you would’ve done differently, or would have liked to do?

AG: Hard to answer! We’re all very happy with the album but obviously when we listen back there are little things we’d love to go back and change. The only regret we have is that perhaps it could have felt more cohesive as a unit.

Vinyl listeners have given us a ton more feedback and overall enjoyed the album a ton more than CD/digital listeners. That being said, one of our best choices was pressing it to vinyl. We’re all so proud to hold it in our hands, and the vinyl crowd has a special appreciation for music.

What do you have planned for 2016?

AG: The same thing we do every year, Pinky Atypical Beasts, try to take over the world.

Upcoming Shows:

January 21

Loyola University

Baltimore, MD

January 22

Bourbon and Branch

Philadelphia, PA

January 23

Fat Baby

New York, NY

January 30

Opus Underground

Salem, MA

February 6

Truro Library Session

Truro, MA

February 19

Great Scott

Allston (Boston) , MA

February 25


Cincinnati, OH

February 26

The Country

Nashville, TN

February 27

Da Vida House

Cincinnati, OH