To all those looking for a little extra pep in their step: Look. No. Further. The Colourist is here to shine a little California sun on your day.

The Orange County band has turned some heads with their blend of M83 style synth grooves and 90’s dance pop. Their 2015 EP Will You Wait For Me would probably sound best blasting out of a convertible’s, driving to the beach with your hunny bunny.

But don’t let them fool you, The Colourist aren’t too squeaky-clean. Just watch the delightfully bizarre music video for their most recent single “Romancing.” The video features no shots of the band. Instead it focuses on two hooligans, gallivanting around town, committing various misdemeanors. Things take a turn for the X Files when the pair breaks into an old man’s home (we’ll call him Karl). SPOLIER ALERT—the video is actually pretty cray… you might want to watch it before I go on.

So they break into Karl’s house, bash him in the head, and tie him to a chair as they try on his fancy clothes, pointing and laughing at him. Fun times, right? But as JT always said, what goes around, comes all the way back around, and the two hooligans run out of luck. Karl escapes his bonds and sneaks back to the spooky disco part of his house. The teens pursue, but they are too late to prevent Karl from unleashing his awful secret—a ghoulish, mostly-naked man that he keeps locked in a trunk. The man hypnotizes the couple with a ghastly dance, possibly to death. He then dances his way out into the night—reveling in his freedom.

All this while a dance-pop song called “Romancing” is playing. I do not see the connection and that makes it all the more appealing. The voice of the chorus cries that it can do anything “as long as I’m with you,” this all the while we watch a couple performing these horrendous actions before getting attacked by a horrible dance-monster.

What’s not to like?

The Colourist claims to be working on new material as of last fall. Their total lack of posted tour dates supports that. Hopefully they can use their energy to get an album out in time for summer, when it would be in its natural habitat.

Let’s also hope we get some more of Karl and his prisoner. So many questions left unanswered.