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SISTERS Released A New Video, And It’s A Great Conversation
October 14, 2015 2:51 pm

Sisters just released their brand new video like hours ago! Watch below! It premiered last night at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festivaland it completely opened up a new kind of conversation. The song “Queer Life” (which they wrote two days before Marriage equality was legalized across America),  is a supportive and fun portrayal on the family dynamic that pertains to coming out to those who still think it’s just a stage. The video ends with the wildest dance party explosion, and who doesn’t like dancing?  It is a wonderful support of a real issue in America and it is a reoccurring theme in their music and lives as far as I can tell.  We love this Video, so check it out!

I’m not going to lie, I usually don’t expect much sound from any two piece band.  Sisters, an indie pop duo from Seattle far surpassed my expectations in that respect.  They’re an explosion of sound in league with bands like MGMT and Portugal. The Man.  Both Emily Westman and Andrew Vait seem to be champions at multitasking, as you watch Emily conquering with tight drumming technique and singing harmonies, while Andrew plays keyboards and offers up the electric effects of his genius.  This all sewn together through their perfect harmonies intertwining like the arms of long lost sisters.  They have a sense of quirkiness about them as well that reminds me of the band of Montreal, vocally.

The band who moved separately to Seattle after playing various projects around the area finally got together in 2014 forming Sisters officially.  They met at University of Miami’s Frost School of Music initially and the rest is history according to their band bio on their website.  Since then, they have played at Sasquatch! and Bumbershoot music festivals along with many others. Give them a listen and check out their enormous sound and vocal harmonies bleed together seamlessly here!

October 12, 2015 9:57 am

Montreal indie-pop band Seoul stopped by Rough Trade this past Saturday night and they brought their massive dreamy synth sound with them. Opening the night were locals Lightning Bug, who are master shoegazers. They set the tone with seoulklktheir intricately skilled pedal work and ripping bass lines; definitely a band to keep an eye on. They were followed with a toned down set by Young Ejecta, the Brooklyn based synth-pop duo featuring Leanne Macomber of Neon Indian, who was the only one present for this particular set. The songs were aesthetically sloppy but gave the audience a more candid look into Leanne’s raw style.

Seoul is now more than halfway through their North American tour, and still performing with an energy that moved the crowd. Their Canadian-bred style is just peculiar enough to get you interested, then you crash under the ambient wave of their dream-like synth driven songs. The band has maintained an air of anonymity which seems to work with their reverb drowned style. The Beasts suggest you find this band in a town near you.You can find all the tour dates here. In the meantime, check out their newly released video for “Real June”, and dream on dreamers.

The Young Wild: The Band You Have To Know About
October 8, 2015 11:04 pm

The Young Wild, a fresh new band hailing from San Diego has been slowly making their way known in the music industry, having toured with Barcelona, Switchfoot and currently with ZZ Ward. Their story started 7 years ago when Brian and Gareth formed a classic-rock cover band in school, while Brandon was playing drums a jazz band. Although Brandon told himself multiple times that he’d “never join that band”, they ended up getting together 14 or 15 months ago. I was lucky enough to have a chat with them right after their energetic set at Irving Plaza and get to know them a little more.

The Young Wild

So you’ve only been together a bit more than a year and you’re already signed. How’d that happen?

I think really just putting our heads together and committing to the idea…All the ideas behind the band we want to be put forward was kind of what maybe earned that attention, or at least that opportunity. And as mid-20 somethings it’s right where we want to be. It’s an opportunity to grow the band and sound, and just put everything into practice that we learned up to this point.

What are they hearing besides just one kind of genre?

You get a lot of aspects. It’s indie rock, indie pop, there’s soul and hip-hop undertones to a lot of the stuff. A lot of big beats and brains soulful voice. It allows us to make a really big approachable sound and it also works for everybody’s hopes you know? It has enough rock, it has enough pop, it has enough of the soul influence to really kind of cover everybody. Those are the groups or the individuals that really make an impact across the ages with the ideas that are able to wear multiple hats. It’s like listening to that Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk. Everybody says that it’s a pop song but you know what he’s paying respect to honor wise. So maybe in a given night you hear our band, you hear our little bit of this and that. Groove is paramount and melody is paramount to pop music, but we are big fans of hip hop, soul, rock and roll and good pop songs. I mean we probably like Taylor Swift and One Direction as any one person could.

The Young Wild

So are any of you Taylor Swift fans?

As far as sonic references go her recordings are probably the most well recorded songs currently out. To listen to those songs and go into your own music tells you what you really bring. I mean, if we’re going to speak explicitly about that Taylor Swift record- First of all, let me clear this up. There’s no guilt in me that I like Taylor Swift! It’s all out in the open. There are a lot of writers that Brian and I(Brandon) really look up to and a lot of producers that worked and contributed to that record. And man, I think it would be an absolute honor to kind of be in the same idea and same vein as those talented creative people. Just because it’s really commercially successful. That’s kind of what pop music is right? It’s something that’s going to reach a broader audience and it’s going to be in a sense of desirable, attainable or listenable by most people and a lot of times that where pop kind of has a real negative connotation to it. But going back to that record, sonically it’s a really impressive piece of work. The mixes and the masters and all the technical sides were so impressive. If we can even kind of do the same thing with our music, I think that’s kind of the goal. For me, if I get a call from my grandma and my mom saying that they like the music, then thats awesome. Not to say that we’re a grandma band but there should be something for everyone.

Would you say you’re sound is still evolving?

Yeah, it’s even shifted in the last year. We’re still finding it and we’re trying to find it on this first record we’re working on. At the end of every night the best part of it is that it feels real, it’s gotta feel real to us and I think we’re being really honest with what gets us excited to do this on stage or whoever will listen. If the authenticity isn’t there, you can figure that out in the first song. So if anything, it’s always going to be honest all the way through even if we’re still kind of evolving. Our experience as a band has been exciting so far and the tours have been a great opportunity to try out all the new songs.


All three of you have very different looks. Has anybody questioned your chemistry? 

We’re kind of an eclectic look of guys mainly because I can’t grow a beard(like Brendan) or a super long flow of hair(like Gareth), but we perform as one. Someone came to the merch table and said something about the image, cause our drum player and bass player look like they’re from a slayer cover band. But hopefully you feel that we’re pretty approachable and our sensibility as far as music goes more in the pop and soulful stuff you know. I’d even hope that that kind of represents our sound as well. Brian is musically way different from where I come from and even where Gareth comes from. And again, I’d hope there there’d be kind of a little sample, a taster of all these incredible works of art that we can categorize into different music genres. Maybe it’s better that we all look different.

Do you think you’ll be pressured into having a certain look in the future?

It’s kind of those things where I think as a consumer in music I can look at a band or an entire package and I’d say wow, it’s really well put together. Sometimes you can manufacture that, but I think other times we just kind of are who we are. I am who I am, Brian is who he is, etc. I guess we’d say we’re still young in our career, we’re still exploring what that looks like and I hope that’s an evolutionary process. You look at a band like Coldplay and man, their entire picture/image has changed for the last 15 years. They’ve never done the same thing twice and I’m really inspired by that. So I don’t think it’s quite as quantifiable.

Name 3 things California does better than New York City.

1.The California Burrito, that’s the one thing that California is known for. There’s french fries, sometimes carne asada or boy asada, some guacamole, salsa, sour cream…Its magical. Put all of your hopes and dreams into a burrito and that’s what you get! Mexican food is our culinary gift to the world.

2.The Weather. I mean it’s pretty easy to live there because we don’t experience nearly what rest of the country goes through as far as the cold weather and even heat.

3.Traffic-wise, for a big city, it’s very tame. There is maybe an hour in the day where you can be frustrated for 5 mins in traffic and then it kind of dissipates.

October 7, 2015 12:06 pm

You wake up in the morning and stand in front of your bathroom sink. You look in the mirror and don’t recognize who you see staring back at you. You forget what day of the week it is, laughing at yourself and your absentmindedness. Your reflection is a stranger, one whose teeth you brush and hair you don’t comb. You recognize your body from the clothes it has on, not for the mind inside. You question everything. You continue your life without identity or a solid sense of self.

Such is the narrative of Kurt Vile‘s “Pretty Pimpin,” the opening song and first single from his new album b’lieve i’m goin down. I have to admit I’ve listened to this song probably a hundred and fifty times since it came out two weeks ago, and I’m still digging into it like a heaping bucket of mama’s famous garlic tots (with ALL the trimmings). Something about Vile’s irreverent tone of voice (as he sings about the “stranger” in his mirror) is fascinating to me; he seems to be truly indifferent to his predicament. He knows he’s forgotten himself and he’s okay with it. He’s gotten used to it. He does it every day of the week.

Maybe I’m crazy, but my heart goes aflutter whenever Vile sings the word “Tuesday.” I know it’s not traditionally such an evocative word, but it gets me every time. I, too, forget what day of the week it is. It’s how he drags out the word until just before the snare hit, emphasizing his uncertainty without disrupting the song’s driving rhythmic pulse or the conversational nature of his singing. It’s very subtle. But it’s there. Every Tuesday.

But hey, there are plenty of tots in this bucket. He alternates between the third and first person, towing the line between himself and the “stranger” in the mirror. He switches from “man” to “boy” at the end of the song, as if reverting to a childhood version of himself. That part about being 1000 miles away? Probably relevant, can’t say for sure. But it’s definitely provocative. Dip it in ketchup and feed it to the dog, mama doesn’t mind! Even the video is poignant and revealing, with alternate versions of himself slowly surrounding him and his daily routine. Everything, really, is geared toward questioning identity and the perception of one’s self. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

The rest of the album shares a similar introspective theme. “Life Like This” takes a more grounded approach, but still looks inward for inspiration. “Wild Imagination” is both literal and etherial, a patient, otherworldly endeavor. “I’m an Outlaw” is pretty straightforward: he’s an outlaw. But the same hypnotic, twangy energy drives them all forward, deeper into Vile’s enigmatic psyche. Very delicous, would highly recommend.

Kurt Vile is currently on tour, playing in New York tonight at Webster Hall. He’ll be in the US throughout October, Europe in November, and Australia in January. Check him out! Go do it right now!

Prinze George Make “A Dream Of You And Me” Their Own
September 22, 2015 5:10 pm

Prinze George share their cover of Future Islands‘ “A Dream of You and Me”.

“All that glitters is gold
Don’t believe what you’ve been told
People lie, people love, people go
But beauty lies in every soul”

Vocalist, Naomi Almquist just did something that I did not believe was possible.  She just made me a fan of a Future Islands song.  Almquist has such a lovely vibrato in her voice that it just sweeps you away.

Prinze George

Prinze George is Kenny Grimm (production/instrumental), Naomi Almquist (vocals) and Isabelle De Leon (drums), who are based in Maryland. Kenny and Naomi grew up together in Prince George’s County, where they met Isabelle while she was in college. Formed in 2013, Prinze George has quickly exploded onto the Indie scene. Following the release of their breakthrough single, “Victor,” The Wild Honey Pie declared, “[This band] could be destined for Indie Pop royalty status.” Climbing to #1 on the Hype Machine charts, the single and the band have won the attention of music blogs, fans and labels from all over the world. “Victor” was also selected for the movie soundtrack of Warner Bros.’ biggest European release in 2014, Honig Im Kopf, a film directed by Til Schweiger.

The band is also currently on tour with Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. Listen to the cover above as well as their Daytrotter session recorded earlier this year at Good Danny’s in Austin during SXSW. Don’t miss  them on this amazing tour!

Listen to their debut self-titled EP here.


Oxymorrons Hit The Streets of New York City
August 21, 2015 6:58 pm

Oxymorrons are on the forefront of the musical horizon right now. Drawing from multiple genres, their sound marries hip hop with alternative, in a way that is as hard as the streets it comes from, and with just as much style. The boys from Queens premiered their video for ‘Want It All this past Tuesday, via AFROPUNK, to a warm reception.

The track is a funky yet heavy groove, while the video follows a humorous day in the lives of Matty, Ki, and Deee as they troop the streets of New York and find some trouble along the way. From yoga class to street scuffles, street art to street fights this video is a dope look into what’s to come. As they get set to release their EP “Complex But Basic” later this year on the legendary Tommy Boy Records, the video ends with a cliff hanger, ‘to be continued’. Make sure to check this video out and keep an eye out for anything new from these dudes. The Beasts will be, and we “Want It All.”

July 28, 2015 5:39 pm

CUSSES are at it yet again.  Their latest video is for “Golden Rat” off of their Here Comes the Rat LP.  

CUSSES are a pulsating and fierce band from Savannah, Georgia. We spoke with vocalist, Angel Bond to get the skinny on the story behind the video. The video was directed by the bands drummer, Brian Lackey and it was filmed in Savannah, Georgia at the Southern Pine Company.

Bond tells us, “we really just wanted to make a live, raw video.  A lot of fans had asked to see more of us in our videos”.

The video is filled with double exposed images and you can see Bond in her metallic red gloves feeding a cassette into a boom box.  It then explodes into 3 minutes of pure rock energy.

The BEASTS love this band and you should too.  Don’t miss them live in your city when they come through on their next tour.  After all, we are all CUSSES.




Brick + Mortar Are “Staying Gold”
July 17, 2015 5:00 pm

Brick + Mortar just released a new video for “Staying Gold” off their new EP, “Dropped“.

The New Jersey duo—consisting of Brandon Asraf (bass, vocals) and John Tacon (drums, electric samples, vocals)—have hit a home run with this super touching and nostalgic video.

Look, even BEASTS cry!  It was impossible not to after watching 4 minutes and 8 seconds of a sickly teenager who is rescued from his hospital bed by his best buddy and taken for one last hurrah, with the chorus of  “staying gold” echoing in the back ground. They go skating in an empty pool, drink some beers, and visit some old friends.  The terminally ill teen even makes out with his crush and of course takes a selfie with his buddies.

“To us, Staying Gold is a rebellious anthem from an angsty kid making a statement that he’s good, no matter what,” says the video’s director Rosco Guerrero. “We follow him in this film, who despite his incredibly difficult circumstances is strong as ever when he’s with his friends. He stays gold.”

We have always been been blown away by the sound of Brick + Mortar.  It is incredible that the rich sound they produce is only with two musicians.

Have a tissue handy and get ready to have your heart warmed when watching “Staying Gold”.  Be sure to check out their album Dropped”, that came out today.

Brick + Mortar Tour

Brick + Mortar Tour Dates

7/17/15 – Cincinnati, OH @ Fountain Square w/ The Ting Tings
7/18/15 – Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes
7/19/15 – Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern
7/21/15 – Detroit, MI @The Shelter
7/22/15 – Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
7/23/15 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada
7/24/15 – Denver, CO @ Underground Music Showcase
7/25/15 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Music Garage Live
7/27/15 – Seattle, WA @ El Corozon
7/28/15 – Portland, OR @ Analog Cafe
7/29/15 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
7/30/15 – Redlands, CA @ Hangar 24 Brewery
7/31/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
8/01/15 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge
8/02/15 – Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
8/04/15 – Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
8/05/15 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
8/07/15 – Tampa, FL @ New Wrold Brewery
8/08/15 – Atlanta, GA @ Wrecking Ball 2015
8/09/15 – Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
8/11/15 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
8/12/15 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
8/13/15 – Washington, DC @ DC9
8/14/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
8/15/15 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall Studio
8/16/15 – Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs


Of Clocks And Clouds Give You “What You Need”
July 8, 2015 11:07 pm

Brooklyn’s Of Clocks and Clouds just premiered a new music video for “What You Need”.

The video opens with a girl waking up in a hotel room, appearing hungover, disheveled, and heartbroken – eye liner smeared. She showers, applies make up and classic black lingerie, and the curiosity sets in for the viewer. She looks stunning.

“Ross and I were shooting the shit around his kitchen table one night, brainstorming ideas and concepts.  At one point Ross gave me a look like he had found the solution to the world’s energy crisis and ending world hunger.  He grabbed me by the shirt and said I’ve got it.  He had conceptualized the whole video, shot for shot within seconds somehow”.

But the inspiration for it, well, I guess you’ll have to ask him.

ROSS:  “Being a porn director has always been a dream near and dear to my heart.  Just kidding…Maybe”. 

Both Ross and Joe were born and raised in Brooklyn.  They met at another band’s show and wound up having a bunch of random connections. but when Joe hit Ross up the next day to see if he knew any drummers, he didn’t remember who Joe was.  “I guess we were both fairly intoxicated the night before”. Joe reminded Ross that they met the night before and he was like “ooh yeah…” and told me he was looking to start a new project. They’ve been playing together ever since.

After a handful of other musicians entered and left the band, they decided the music worked best as a two piece.  They’ve been playing that way since 2013 and they released their self produced debut album “YOU” in 2014.

The band tells us that they have been tracking material for a follow up release and that they are itching to get on the road.  The new songs are evolving in a good way and are paving the way for them sonically. Joe tells us “that they just want to do more of what they’re doing right now.  Writing, tracking and playing shows wherever there’s people to play in front of”.

For more about Of Clocks And Clouds check out their page here.


William Fitzsimmon’s Heartfelt Tribute to “Pittsburgh”
July 1, 2015 9:30 am

William Fitzsimmons has captivated our hearts yet again with the release of his 7th album, titled after his hometown Pittsburgh. After taking a heartfelt trip back to Pennsylvania, Fitzsimmons felt the timing was right to create a meaningful compilation in dedication to the loss of his grandmother and his hometown itself. The album was a continual work in progress being idealized back in 2005 and almost solely produced and mixed by Fitzsimmons himself.

Pittsburgh, like a vast majority of Fitzsimmons work, resembles the soothing whispering vocals of indie folk groups Iron & Wine and Sufjan Stevens. The tracks however, can be labeled as one of the most heartfelt collections yet alluding not to the broken heart from a break up but to the acceptance and appreciation of one’s ties to their roots.

“Pittsburgh”, the stand out track from the album, reminds you that no matter where you are or where you’ll end up. Home is always there to welcome you.

I’ll come for you if you want me to
Should all your sons forgive their fathers where they fell and wrap them for the cold to rest their winters well
I’ll come for you if you want me to Pittsburgh

Keep an eye out for Fitzsimmons and his North American tour starting Fall 2015.