Is that Robyn singing? Is she in this room? Wait, no. Is that Tegan and Sarah? Who is that singing? These thoughts raced through my mind as I made my way down to the main floor of The Delancey. Once down, my eyes met the stage where three girls lit up the room with their electric girl power energy. Dying to know who these girls were, I turned to a stranger to ask. They replied, “Caveboy.”

With their cool rocker hair, vibey 80’s flair meets modern electronic indie beats and fierce primal stage presence, their name suits them well. Don’t even get me started on the vocals. If lead singer Michelle’s voice was a currency it would be gold because those vocal cords are flawless. Accompanied by Isabelle (synth extraordinaire, bass and backing vocals) and Lana (bad ass drummer and backing vocals) they are the perfect trio. Towards the end of their set, they all banged on one drum for an entire song. It was mesmerizing. There wasn’t a heart in that room that wasn’t racing. There are people who perform just to perform. And then there are people who perform to not only feel something themselves but make their audience genuinely feel something. Caveboy is the latter. They just released their Caveboy EP to iTunes this month. With undeniable hits such as “Something Like Summer” and In “The Grottos,” their name might be Caveboy but their heading right past all the bedrock and straight towards the limelight. Check them out below!