I’ve known about MuteMath since the early 2000’s and this band has always been prominent in the indie electro-pop music scene. I heard of them all the way from Alaska when music wasn’t so easily accessible as it is today. The power in the psychedelic electronic pop that this band has carried is on par with the likes of MGMT with the soul of Portugal.the man, but on a more long term scale. These guys have their interest in funk going successfully since 2002.

The New Orleans band’s new album Vitals was released on November 13th. In perfect timing to heat up our souls for this oncoming drastic winter with their catchy words, warm tones and dancing melodies. This is soul electronica at its finest, as heard in their song “Used To” off of the new record. Then you move on to some more emotional and heart felt inflection in “Safe if we Don’t Look Down” Which sounds more similar to the softer songs of Coldplay in the X and Y era.

This whole record has waltzing melodies in the vein of The Shins, but in the song “Light up”off the album has more of a Minus the Bear kind of vibe; a melancholy dance fest. Meany’s voice (what a great name) is effortless and full of reverence in this ode to fractured love and yearning for better times. Not to mention the beautiful instruments they’re known to use would make any vintage heart drop.

‘Don’t say enough, we’re not out of love
We just grew up having to find out that
Hearts go astray, sparks slip away
But I have to say, I still light up for you’

The unfortunate adult experience in love and loss, and most importantly longing, these guys sure seem to get it. We’re loving it, and if you’re going through a heart ache or loss you need to pick this album up and cry at home on a Saturday night so you can wake up Sunday morning and keep pushing yourself to get the hell out of bed with their song “Monument” because new love will always find you.