City of the Sun is on the Rise

“We like how it’s spontaneous. The people we meet and hearing their cool stories.”

If you’ve lived in New York City long enough, chances are that you’ve come across this energetic trio John Pita, Avi Snow, and Zach Para playing some flamenco-like tunes, or as they like to call it “post-world music” at Central Park. With people nowadays gravitating towards lyrical music, City of the Sun has surprisingly captured many New Yorkers and tourists attention even when they’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

“The cool thing about playing outside is you’re always seeing new people and you’re exposing yourself to new people. The cool thing about Central Park is that a lot of tourists go there so we’ll meet people from all over the world and we’ll notice fans in Brazil, Germany, and in really obscure places. Its pretty cool, and most of them heard us in Central Park. That’s my favorite aspect about it.”

The band originally had a singer who has since moved on, which left John and Avi to go on a hiatus. “We really had no plan afterwards. At that time Avi and Zach met so we just brought him over and got great responses so we just kept going. It’s very organic.”

A question anyone would have for these talented folks would be whether or not they have plans for a new singer. “The truth is that we’ve been fortunate that we’ve been getting a lot of support from our core fan base,” they explained in response to the burning question. “These days with house music being so popular and other forms of music that don’t have vocals” they were confident enough to keep on going. That confidence is not misplaced.

City of the Sun has caught the attention of the music industry with their mesmerizing guitar and drumming skills. “In the past year, everything’s a work in progress really…So we gradually have grown in that area, industry wise.”They were pretty thrilled to announce that they are playing with Greg Allman and The Doobie Brothers at the Laid Back Festival. “The Rolling Stones just mentioned us in their article so thats pretty big for us!” Avi chimed in.

As I confronted them about how they were not signed to a label yet, Zach answered “the truth is, we’d had offers. It’s just that you have to find the right equation, and there’s a lot to consider.” John adds that “once you’re in the music business, its very different than what you see, than people think. Its different.” Their recently released video for TIME has garnered a positive response among fans. “The director came in contact with us and basically liked what we did. He heard the song and came up with the concept himself. He had a very strong vision.”Their sold-out show at The Living Room was packed with dancing fans who helped fire up the energy. This band never disappoints and seems to always keep you wanting more with their mesmerizing tunes. We highly recommend you to check out City of the Sun before they make it big – they are a band you definitely want to keep an eye out for.