Cooling Off With Seapony

Have you had a long day? Are you unbearably hot this summer? Sit back and relax with Seapony, Seattle’s dreamy, indie-pop threesome. This is a big week for them, as not only do they finish their Summer 2015 tour back home in Seattle this weekend, but they release their third album A Vision on Friday. Check out the second single “Let Go”:

With an old school, almost surf-rock feel, Seapony sounds like a laid back, American version of The Smiths. Tennis, Cults, and other washy, female-vocal driven bands also come to mind. Seapony excels at performing their up-tempo songs in such a serene way, reflecting a sense of stability despite chaotic surroundings. “Whatever the world throws at me today,” I think, listening to Seapony, “I’ll handle it coolly and easily.”


Seapony is singer/guitarist Jen Weidi, guitarist Danny Rowland, and bassist Ian Brewer. Weidi and Rowland moved to Seattle from Ohio in 2010, taking their Midwestern charm to the tranquil, easygoing Pacific Northwest–and we’re glad they did! Although they are presently wrapping up their summer tour, I’m sure they will be back soon after A Vision is released. As the summer heat sucks the life out of you, cool off with Seapony’s crisp, refreshing new album.