Crystal Castles “DEICIDE” On A New LP

‘Deicide’ is the second song to be released by Crystal Castles since Alice Glass split from the project last year.   Ethan Kath has some fans speculating that he is manipulating his own vocals since “Deicide” again features vocalist Edith.


Posting a message on the bands Facebook to accompany the song, Kath writes: “Sincere thank you for the support. A new Crystal Castles album is on the way, ‘Frail’ and ‘Deicide’ are just a peak at what’s to come.”

Listen to the latest track below:

Crystal Castles formed in Toronto in 2004 and went on to release three studio LPs – 2008’s ‘(i)’, 2010’s ‘(ii) and 2012’s ‘(iii)’.  Their last show together was on October 4, 2013 in Mexico.

When the track for “Deicide” was released on the Soundcloud for Crystal Castles two days ago it was posted with these haunting words:


Their kindness is charade
It’s used to sedate
They remain unashamed


It remains to be seen if this project will carry on just as Ethan Kath or if he plans to replace Alice Glass.

Let’s see if they can DEICIDE to get this next LP together or not.