For quite some time, the New York Mets have been the unofficial team of Atypical Beasts. We don’t have any sponsorships or special event parties at Citi Field lined up just yet, but the love’s been there since day one. Not only am I a diehard fan, but Kim, the Head Beast herself, is a certified loon when it comes to this team.

The first thing you become all too aware of as a Mets fan is that the seasons aren’t always easy. The most iconic Mets highlight that’s happened in my lifetime happened the same night as the absolute worst Mets moment that’s happened in my lifetime. But these past two years have been different. Our pitching has made Bryce Harper cry, Michael Conforto is probably Jesus Christ, or at the very least Gilgamesh, and most importantly we’ve got the most tightly knit locker room in the league.

I always gobble fun team morale stories up. Like when they made an impromptu beer slip-n-slide after beating the LA Dodgers last season in the playoffs, or when their rookies wore underoos for their hazing. But this recent post on the Mets Tumblr took it to another level for me after seeing how dedicated Curtis Granderson is to having the most well thought out playlists in the league.

Each day has its own theme: Throwback Thursday gives them that nostalgic fix, the beautifully titled White People Wednesday let’s everyone sing along to NSYNC without judgement, and Saturday is request day. There’s a little bit of everything coming from the speakers and it’s all thanks to Grandy.

Just because the Mets’s taste in music is better than every other team’s doesn’t mean that a World Series title is imminent (a stronger middle relief would clinch that). But if Matt Harvey is going crazy to Michael Jackson every Monday, that’s gotta do wonders for the pep in everyone’s step when they go out on the field. Bartolo Colon might not be able to see his feet at this point in his career, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he has the most graceful moonwalk in his dance arsenal.
The more fun a team has together, the better chance they have at being successful. DJ Grandy’s clubhouse jammers gets the whole team involved. And the fact that I’m this happy during the MLB season proves it’s working. Right now, I’m just looking forward to what songs Granderson is gonna choose for the ticker tape parade.