Georgia indie rock band CUSSES are at it again.  With the release of their latest single, “I’m Going To Get You” from their LP, “Here Comes The Rat the band once again reels you in with their pulsating sound and fearless lyrics.

This song is all about taking back the night and letting all the bullshit go.  Vocalist Angel Bond has this ability to lure you in with her wild presence and stunning sexiness but what you get at this band’s live show is so much more than a hot chick up front.  This is one leading lady that will make sure you know she’s running the show.  Seeing CUSSES live is a cathartic experience.  The band leaves you wanting more even though you feel like you just went through a hardcore workout with them.

Don’t miss this band when they come through Brooklyn on July 18th to The Flat in Bushwick.  For CUSSES summer tour dates click here.