David Bowie, a household name, was one of the last greats to fall. Only he didn’t fall, he’s up in the stars where he belongs. This man made strange okay never stopped doing that he loved until the day he died. He’s a hero held in so many hearts and is a constant reminder of what youth feels like. Even at 68 years old, recording his last album Black Star, the power he holds is still apparent amidst the frailty of his voice.

I have not been this sad about an idol’s passing since the death of Lou Reed. Perhaps they are forming a super band featuring, Lemmy, Lennon, Reed and now Bowie. That’s what I hope because regardless of what happens from here, whatever they’re doing up there is far from boring.

Just two days before he died he released his last album. His lyrics from “Lazarus”

‘Look up here, I’m in heaven. I’ve got scars that can’t be seen, I’ve got drama can’t be stolen Everybody knows me now’

were his last farewell, similar to how many other great artists have bowed out. Elliott Smith’s last album came out after his alleged suicide and was riddled with hints of an immanent end. Also similar to “The Show Must Go On” with Freddie Mercury as he was dying from AIDS.

True Rock&Roll will never die, and fortunately for those of us left behind he gave us the last gift of BlackStar. Full of life and wielding an everlasting image of how wise this artist had become, he explores life and death. His music was always as mysterious with soft sweeping melodies melting us all in wonder, one more time.

The Beasts are shedding tears over this loss because Bowie was the definition of an atypical sound. We hope that through his immortal music, newer bands and younger generations will continue to be influenced by him for years to come.  Now excuse me while I overdose on his tasty tunes in memory of him and all of his star dust. Join me?