When you love music the way that I do, getting an email about a new band that is fronted by a bad ass lady that you adore is quite the treat.

Dead Cures is the new power trio out of Nashville that is fronted by former, Kink Ador front woman, Sharon Koltick.


When the new group started writing, the motto from the start was total collaboration. Collaborating on the songwriting has made the group create a sound that is all their own, and truly expresses their collective drive to make high energy, ecstatic music that highlights the tight syncopated type of riffs that only a trio who actually loves playing together can create.

“Fun is the mantra” says Koltick, “Trios have the power to create a live synergy that you don’t find in larger bands.” The Dead Cures achieve this deliciously; they have a distilled potent sound full of 90’s inspired drum grooves, punky Police style bass riffs, and melodic enlightened guitar playing, all topped with harmony laden female vocal leads. Koltick says, in music and life, “you can built it how you want.”


“Dead Cures” an alternative pop trio, cut their teeth touring and recording in other indie rock bands across the US and Canada. After getting turned inside out, they found that the old ways of striving didn’t work. “The ways of the old guard are dead and it’s up to us to figure this whole mess of life out” says Sharon Koltick. “We are a group of friends who came together to do something different” says Michael Kisak, who cites Kings of Leon and the Strokes as influences for his guitar writing.

The bands first track is called, “Say Everything Now” and it is a foot tapping anthem where Koltick belts out, “did you say everything that you came here to say.” Listen to the new track here.


“What can a rock band do for the world? We can only ask questions, get your blood pumping, and hopefully help you feel something, to feel that you have a chance at chasing your passions in this life” says Evan Buchanan, the literary drummer who drives heavy grooves with a stoic air.

The BEASTS are going to be following this band closely and will be anxiously awaiting their debut EP.