Los Angeles-via-Tempe, Arizona transplants Dead Times fit cozily in today’s beat-forward R&B meta.  Boldly  describing their sound “the future” on their Facebook page, the duo’s sonic palate consists of Calvin Marcus’s ethereal croon underpinned by Travis Bunn’s snappy percussion and atmospheric samples–check “Inner Gold” for one of their more exquisite brews.

Dead Times grooves are harmoniously constructed, intimate love songs with a kick. To boot, Calvin is an adept lyricist–take the poetic chorus from the up-beat “Feel” for example:

“come outside my hands are freezing cold / let’s just start running until we’re completely alone / forget our past forget our valuables / I’ve got this feeling you’re all I need for warmth”

Last year, Times performed aside fellow bedroom beat-artisan How To Dress Well exposing themselves to a wider audience. Although still unsigned, these two guys aren’t going away any time soon–they’re very prolific and have even hinted at the idea of a self-released debut album. They’ve already garnered a considerable listernership on Spotify, and as such, their songs are–I’m going to make a bold prediction here–pre-destined to be included in a clothing store playlist.  It just has that vibe.