Denuo plays beautifully dark music in minor keys that floats a person down a river of reflection while not becoming grim or unpleasant.  

Tom Mason is the man behind this intriguing and powerful music. Born in North Wales, UK, Mason started up the band in 2007 and was joined by Sam Barnes and Harry Jones playing through various cities in the UK. Their first studio album Scarlet Sleep came out in 2014 and two years later they came out with a four song EP, Frozen Lake.

Now, to the important stuff, the actual music. I’ve been using a lot of heavy imagery to describe it because it is the best way to describe it. Denuo’s music is like a winding river through the night, strong, daunting and mysterious. There are the more upbeat songs like “Closer” or “Dreamless,” but most are like “Waves of Silver” and “Frozen Lake.” His clear cut parts which normally just consist of guitar, drums and bass with a small mix of synth pads make for something more intimate for the listener to connect to. The music is well written, but I am going to say that the bass lines are really good: simple and subtle but flow so well throughout the songs.

Frozen Lake was recorded over this past winter months allowing it to stay within their mellow, dark musical style while slowly serenading those bleak and beautiful winter nights. The songs pull you into the winter ice with graceful sounds and creative writing.

Their music isn’t something I’d have on a loop all day, but today has been particularly rainy and gray outside (in DC) and it fits in a satisfactory way. So go ahead open your mind with these songs and listen for the power and wonder that comes from Denuo.