Domino Kirke Takes Over Baby’s All Right

Domino Kirke took her first live show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, and AtypicalSounds were lucky enough to witness. I didn’t realize she was mingling in the crowd while Luke Temple was on stage before her. She scurried up on stage, seeming a little nervous to see the crowd’s reaction to her music, however that soon ended once the blue lights matched the calm mood to her soothing voice.

She looked fashionable in her blue jumpsuit, holding the mic with her intricately tattooed arm. Her high pitched dreamy voice sounded hypnotizing with the deep synth and beets from the drums. You could tell that she gets into the music when she closes her eyes and moves her arms freely.

Her tunes sound simple, yet have the power to hold you in a trance, leaving you craving more.

She dropped her song Ordinary World (below) a few days ago, and will be releasing her new EP on May 26th which we’re excited to hear. She has a few more shows at Baby’s All Right, and we hope to see more of her around town!