Drenge likes to “Fuckabout”

The Loveless Brothers are at it again, taking over the U.S. venue by venue. Eoin and Rory Loveless, also known as the UK alternative rock band Drenge, were back in New York last week to play for Northside Festival at The Knitting Factory. I randomly came across there self titled album a few months ago while I was strolling through Rough Trade and had purchased it. Ever since, I’ve been playing their record when I need that extra boost of energy. There’s something about their hostile track names like “I Wanna Break You In Half,” “Fuckabout” and “People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck” that mysteriously drew me in. It amazed me how they produced such in-depth and complex sounds with just the two of them. With a lot of popular two-piece bands gaining popularity nowadays like The Black Keys and Royal Blood, they seem pretty confident in producing great music. As Rory said in an interview with DIY Magazine, “We didn’t choose the two-piece life. The two-piece life chose us.”

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red audienceNow with their newly added tour bassist Rob Graham, I was excited to see them perform live for the first time. Drenge super-fans who were obviously in the front row seemed pretty young and had the most energy out of the crowd. A lot of aggressive head-banging, while the older crowd in the back were a little shy to join in. Their grunge sound is pretty honest and forceful in a way that makes you do whatever you want to do. They accurately sum up those moments of teen angst which can be quite refreshing when you’ve been surrounded by a lot of mellow indie rock tunes lately.

Since their debut on the Late Show With David Letterman in January, they’ve gained quite a following in the U.S. According to BrumNotes Magazine, “It also turns out they were also approached by Kanye West backstage for a chat, mentioning to the duo that he was interested in “making his music more aggressive”. Their latest album “Undertow” was released this April with their hit song “We Can Do What We Want.” If you’re looking for some cool rejuvenating music to rock out to, this is the track you should be listening to.