Ducktails: Matt Mondanile Does It Again

Ducktails is not just the name of a precious cartoon from your childhood, but also the solo project of Real Estate’s Matt Mondanile with Luka Usmiani, Alex Craig and Samuel Franklin. Fans of Real Estate will definitely love this psychedelic pop group which bears great similarity to its predecessor, with dreamier and more experimental and progressive instrumentation. Ducktails is an Ivy League Real Estate- more intelligent and thought provoking, but with its roots in the same place.



On how the projects differ, Mondanile says “A lot of my work comes from looping various things in Ableton and then layering on top and creating many different loops and then choosing which parts these loops can be in the song. i.e. the verse , chorus , intro. Real Estate is much more traditional. Martin writes the bare bones of a song and then presents it to the band and I come up with guitar parts most of the time.”
The band’s latest album, St.Catherine debuted this July and highlights include the beautiful “Surreal Exposure” and dreamy “The Disney Afternoon.” Check them out in a city near you!