When Donald Trump announced his intent to run for president last summer, it was the best joke of the season. Like every time Jimmy McMillan, the “rent is too damn high” guy, runs for office in New York. It was a good bit and I just could not wait to see it crumble. As time and time passed though, you couldn’t escape the cold sore that was Trump. As a journalism student and an avid media intaker, there is not one day, or hour, in which Trump doesn’t come up. I thought I was safe at work, but even then the Trump disease seemed to have spread and infiltrated my offices. Said best by The Smiths, that joke wasn’t funny anymore.

Trump’s notoriety and constant inconstancy have apparently made him so popular among some Americans, that his shot at an American presidency are not altogether impossible. While media outlets like the New York Times have written articles condemning him and warning off against trump and even the Republican party themselves have been against his views, some people have simply given up on the fight. For all of you giver uppers, there’s a way to get yourself out of this political hellfire that will surely ensue. Maple Match.


Maple Match iScreenshot_2016-05-15-12-13-49s a dating app that promises to find you a partner in Canada that will help you in your political escape out of the United States. You know how everyone jokes about moving to Canada if Trump becomes president? Maple Match is making that joke a reality. While the site is not up and running just yet, there is an official wait-list that’s ripe and ready to be filled with the inevitable hundreds of thousands of names. While there is no other information for the site other than the email wait-list, the hope that this isn’t just a social experiment is more than enough to get a Trump-enduced anxiety ridden voter to sign up.

While you may be thinking, Canada? Isn’t that country synonymous for being lame? You, my dear reader, are absolutely wrong. Canada is a country that offers so much. It’s got a great music scene, it is a prime film shooting location and it is the home of greats like Ryan Reynolds, Mike Meyers, Ellen Page, Drake, Justin Bieber and Tom Green. Canada also has prime minister Justin Trudeau to be proud of, and not to mention, easy on the eyes.

Now during this coming election, when you’re stressing out over the future of America, don’t build a wall around your heart, and don’t let “the Mexicans” pay for it. Instead, try out Maple Match, and get yourself your own Ryan Reynolds to help you in your time of politically-fueled-asylum-seeking.