“Hudson Hill” tells the story of a lonesome runaway attempting to elude their fate. Stephen Milnarcik puts the viewer into a storybook world out to bring unnecessary justice. 1,599 hand cut stop-motion frames, painted miniatures and paper figures converge to bring the The Whiskey Hollow‘s debut single from the new X WATERS EP to life.

The Whiskey Hollow has been hard at work for the past 9 months creating an EP with intense songwriting, heavy hitting bass lines and passionate vocals. X WATERS will be available April 15th on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other online distributors. Madeline Finn and a team of local Cleveland musicians have joined forces to create music that refuses to be put into a box. From twangy tunes littered with slide guitars, to solemn and painful songs with a full choir, they hope to keep you guessing.

Stephen and the crew at The Mill have worked painstakingly to craft a video that is closely aligned with the bands mission to put fourth honest and raw art with a purpose.With a close eye on even the smallest details they give us a glimpse of how everyday items such as books, plants and plastic figurines can be turned into a vessel to convey something so much more.

The Beasts are bringing to you, exclusively, The Whiskey Hollow’s first video from this marvelous EP. You can pick up a physical copy at their upcoming show at The Grog Shop in Cleveland Ohio April 15th.