Six years ago while in college, Howard Feibusch, Myles Heff, Chris Holdridge, and Alex Chakour wouldn’t have imagined they’d leave their hometown Massachusetts to live in New York in pursuit of making their musical dreams a reality; but they did. The Howard band members now all live in Brooklyn and they’re one step closer to their goals.

Howard band

Howard officially formed in 2009. Their first record Religion released this January, produced by their fourth member Alex. Gaining the attention from multiple indie music enthusiasts and blogs, Howard is making their mark with a very unique sound. Soothing vocals, calm guitar riffs that make you reflect on everything that’s ever been good in your life, Howard just has that magic.

While chatting briefly with the band back in June, I got the chance to learn what influences have played a major role on these guys’ unique sound. I found out a variety of genres have influenced the Brooklyn rock band (besides rock of course), from electronic music to folk to classical. Bands they listen to and have been inspired by include Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and the Fleet Foxes. Growing up in a Jewish household in Brooklyn also influenced a fair share of what they are all about.

The band hopes to be touring more nationally and internationally in the next couple of years. This summer you can see them touring locally in the city, and in nearby locations. We hope to see them participate at the CMJ music marathon again this year, the band is currently working on making this official as we speak. We can expect new music from them by early next year.

Written by Lupe Ramirez