#FCKtheMJR – Empowering Independent Musicians

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No major artist will get discovered, immediately get signed to a major label, and have their name plastered all over on the Billboard charts. Many of them hustle for years, even decades trying to get their voices heard. Here at Atypical Beasts, we’re all about supporting independent musicians, helping them grow out of their cocoons and getting their music reached to as many people as possible. There’s still a vast majority of people out there who only listen to mainstream music and don’t even make the effort to discover fresh new tunes. BecomeMajor is a campaign that helps these talented, independent musicians to go beyond their limits and “EMPOWER” them by getting their music heard.

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As John Waltmann (Client Opportunities Manager) sums it up, their inspiration came from a series of events that happened here and there. “First and foremost, the music industry is in a time of change. Major record labels are struggling to make a profit with the price of music getting increasingly lower and lower, to the point of being free” he explains. “In addition, we also wanted to voice that the truth is, getting signed to a major record label will not always represent success. Once you’re signed to a major [label] your music becomes a product, and depending on the label’s plan, you might lose creative power over it and are now at the disposal of creative teams backing your music and creating opportunities for you.”

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BecomeMajor decided that they would kick-off their campaign at this year’s SXSW conference since it was a great place to get themselves recognized by music industry professionals and like-minded people. With the help of their street team, they got posters and stickers saying “#FCKtheMJRS” and “Major Record Label Free Zone” placed strategically around SXSW venues, which clearly engaged fellow music enthusiasts in joining the movement.

As of now, they’ve distributed over 40,000 artists and have worked with about 4,000 independent labels so far.

So how DOES BecomeMajor actually help these artists? “We help artists in a number of ways. First of all we help them get their music to outlets worldwide like iTunes, Pandora, Amazon and emerging platforms like Tidal and Deezer. In addition, we’ve also introduced services that allow for musicians to make more money from their music and collect more of their royalties, such as Publishing Administration, YouTube monetization, Neighboring Rights and music licensing. We aim to be a one-stop shop for the music industry.”





They’ve had great success in working with Deadmau5 (that electronic DJ with his trademark mouse helmet which I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with). “It was great to see his success from the sidelines and how his popularity grew in the scene.” They’ve also been working with Canadian Producer Overwerk. “He has been riding the indie wave for sometime now and has been doing great things with just a small team. He’s gotten several offers from major labels and have turned them down.  So we are really proud of his success and to be able to help and support him every step of the way.”

If you’re an independent musician struggling to break through the plateau, maybe applying to be on BecomeMajor’s roster will help you!  They’re constantly looking for hard working and active artists who aren’t afraid of taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone. “We want to hear from them – we want to know what they are doing to get to the next level. What are their challenges? We want to be able to offer our services to them and fill in the blanks to any services and needs they may have.”

In the near future, you’ll see them hosting some local music events with local talented artists in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to get their latest updates. There’s a great chance you might find your next favorite band that you’ll be jamming to all summer!

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