Floating Away With Tennis

Tennis has this way of making you feel like you are floating away when you listen to their music. We were able to catch them this past May at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and we were not disappointed.


The venue was packed, filled with anticipation for the new music from Tennis by a crowd bursting with energy. The response did not come short- some people (especially the ladies) were more impressed than expected. With the release of their latest video for “Bad Girls” from their LP, “Ritual In Repeat” the songs have moved away from the diary entries of their debut, and are being sung from the perspective of other women.

“There’s definitely an element of self-preservation after writing such an autobiographical, naïve, sublimely innocent first record” Alana explains. “After that, it feels right and better to write about other women”.

“It felt really good to move through other people’s voices, and practice empathy. It’s easy to be – and necessary to be – narcissistic when you’re an artist of any sort. You have to think that your shit is worth hearing. But it’s a good exercise in temperance to think about other people’s lives and their experiences, not just your own.”


Well, we think her shit is worth hearing. We surrender, Alana, to this dreamy state you have entranced us in.