Fly Away With Pisces

I think I just saw a Fairy! Like an ancient pagan lullaby, the music of Pisces speaks directly to the soul. Though you may know her as frontwoman for L.A.’s Happy Hollows, Sarah Negahdari reveals a deeper layer with this magical fuzz-folk project. Emphasizing her zodiacal tendencies, listening to Pisces is a truly cosmic experience.


Her debut self-titled album, released October of last year was masterfully crafted. It features haunting vocals and layers of psychedelic sounds, yet remains simple enough to keep that folky vibe. The album was written over a handful of years as a way to showcase a more sensitive side. It’s a magical journey that starts out light, taking twists and turns throughout. Though at points it morphs into somewhat of a dark fantasy, it ultimately brings you out into the light of the morning sun. “I’m not even kidding when I say that every time I would feel a Pisces song coming on, there would be a full moon or a crazy big moon outside my window,” says Sarah in her Interview with Andrew Darling at The 405. “I really am a Pisces through and through, I believe in magic and my dreams are very important to me. I really don’t think there is death in the way we define it. Everything is magical! Trust me, I know.”

So go ahead and dive in to the magic of Pisces. From the airy feels of “Being With You,” to the wickedness of “Voodoo,” to the enlightenment of “Lunatic Moon,” this album is timeless, no matter where you’re at in your cycle of rebirths. You know the Beasts will be taking advantage, and there’s plenty of pixie dust for everyone!