Young Chloe Baker (aka Bitter’s Kiss) is socially conscious in a way that won’t make you roll your eyes and groan. She truly is using her music to say something- her singer-songwriter sincerity is sure to give you chills. Chloe’s album Bitter Kiss out earlier this month speaks to larger themes and Chloe herself says she is “nostalgic for the music of the 60s, when songwriters really had something to say and used their music as a way to discuss issues that really mattered in the world.” After Chloe invited this comparison I couldn’t stop seeing her as a sadder, solo performing, Carole King.

Bitter’s Kiss has the winning songwriting and instrumentation formula of this very era (or you can think Misterwives for a more recent comparison). Chloe herself is very in touch with themes and artistic aesthetics of today, as one can see in her beautiful music video for the song “The Rope”. She is more powerful than what her indie folk packaging may suggest, and her vocal prowess is apparent on her track “Already Gone”, a highlight of the new album.

Chloe’s youth is certainly a strength to her writing, giving her a fresh perspective and allowing her to escape most of the platitudes of the alternative acoustic music of this ilk. Just coming off a show at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall this girl is definitely a summer favorite for Atypical Sounds.

Written by Alessandra Licul