Fort Lean Cuts to the Chase

First day of Northside Festival, and I’ve been running around different venues to catch as many shows as I possibly could. Power walking my way through Williamsburg, I finally get to Cameo Gallery to see what the boys of Fort Lean have to offer. The place is already swarmed with sweating bodies who crowded around the stage as their 9:30pm set time approached.

Fort Lean LIVE at Cameo Gallery

Having interview them a few days ago, I could tell they were bunch of friendly guys who are really passionate about music and love doing what they do. I’m surprised I never came across Fort Lean before since they produce such great music that I believe more New Yorkers should know about!

Fort Lean Polaroids

Fort Lean Drummer

I’d say the most memorable tune of the night was ‘Cut To The Chase.’ Will seems like a quiet guy, but once he gets on stage his alter ego comes out, and is rocking out, head banging, really getting engulfed in the moment and letting the music control his body. Even though the stage was pretty small, seeing the band get all energetic and into the music really adds a positive vibe to the overall experience. Their live performance exceeded my expectations, and I’ll definitely be going back to see them at their next show in New York. They’re one of those bands that put on such a great live performance that the studio recording just doesn’t do them justice.

They have their full length album “Quiet Day” coming out on October 2nd, but you can pre-order Fort Lean’s debut album here and receive ‘Cut To The Chase’ and ‘I Don’t Mind’ instantly! (Honestly, those are two of my favorite songs by them, so I’m pretty excited for the rest of the album.) These two songs will energize you and put you in a good mood, which I think we all need during those hot summer days while you’re out baking in the sun.

Fort Lean Keyboardist

Fort Lean Quiet Day Album Cover