Garden City Movement Hypnotizes NYC

The East Village was full of good looking 20-somethings walking around the streets hopping from one bar to another. Finding a mysterious staircase that lead underground on Avenue A, it brought me down to one of the most underrated venues Elvis Guesthouse. At 9am sharp the electronic band Garden City Movement from Tel Aviv, Israel made their performance debut in the U.S. by playing some sick beats. The room was packed with locals who were down to get into some groove that night.
The iridescent blue lights added to the air of mystery from the fog machines and created a dream-like atmosphere that made the experience sort of trippy. Sort of made me feel I was on a drug trip I didn’t want to end. Every song had a different personality to it and had a great balance between electronic beats, vocals, and guitars. Every time I would watch them hit their beat pads I’d unabashedly step to it and dance the night away. They’re one of those bands that you have to experience live to fully appreciate their music because their energy can’t be translated through their recordings. I walked out of the venue practically mind blown that these guys aren’t being raved about as much as they should! Let’s start raving!