Kevin Farrant (Porches) has a killer side-project you need to check out: Rivergazer. Thoughtful and introspective, this Brooklyn-based trio is seriously moving, but lighthearted enough not to get you down. Farrant, looking for an outlet for his songwriting, created Rivergazer with producer Hunter Davidsohn and multi-instrumentalist Kolson Pickard. Check out “Safari Jack” from their debut album Random Nostalgia:

Makes you forget they’re from New York, right? Fits right in along the Mississippi (well, except for the safari theme). No, in fact “Safari Jack” is by far their most upbeat song–everything else is much calmer, a brooding reflection of a difficult life. Themes of loneliness, alcohol and money problems permeate these mellow jams. Sounds dark, I know, but they come at it with enough laid-back confidence that it ends up feeling inspired, almost bohemian. After a long day of being broke and creative, the best thing to do is wrap your feet in some blankets and cue up some Rivergazer:

Although Farrant has been more involved with Porches lately, Rivergazer continues to be an active band around New York City. Look for them in Brooklyn and beyond, and stay informed by following us on twitter and instagram.