Many of us have entertained the idea of becoming a regular cyclist. Commuting on a bike is great exercise good for the environment and it allows you to experience your surroundings firsthand. But as you know, cycling can be difficult, especially if you live in a hilly area or have a long commute.  GeoOrbital Wheel has a solution! Their wheel can transform your bicycle into an electric bike in under 60 seconds.

Even without pedaling the GeoOrbital Wheel allows you to reach top speeds of up to 20mph. The wheel has a range of 20-50 miles, (depending on how much you pedal), and has a removable Li-Lion battery that can be fully charged in three to four hours. Imagine pedaling down the street and when you come to a hill, simply throttle-up the GeoOrbital Wheel and let it carry you up the incline with ease. 

GeoOrbital_Core_Team_MichaelBurtov-CEO_DakotaDecker-CTO_MichaelPotts-DigitalMarketingThe GeoOrbital is compatible with various wheel sizes, with options for 26in, 28in, 29in and 700c bicycle wheels. The hand controls and throttle are mounted to the handlebars with a simple clamp.  The GeoOrbital Wheel can be put on almost any type of bike, including mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid commuters and recumbents. 

Although the concept of an electric bicycle wheel is still fairly new, there are several companies, such as Superpedestrian and Evelo, that produce functional electric bicycle wheels. That said, the GeoOrbital Wheel has several perks that make it a heavy contender for the top-of-the-line position.

The wheel is easy to install, and requires no tools to put on your bicycle. GeoOrbital is a front-wheel technology, allowing you to avoid working on derailleurs or gears during installation.

Cyclists beware, the GeoOrbital wheel is not able to be mounted on bikes with disc-brakes, but the GeoOrbital team plans to offer this feature in the future.

The wheel uses orbital technology, the same tech shown on the light-cycles in the 1982 cult sci-fi flick TRON. This means that the wheel rotates around the battery and propulsion system, rather than spinning around a hub. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum the wheel’s design is classy and sleek, and it requires almost no maintenance other than the occasional wipe-down. With a built-in USB port you can even use the wheel’s battery to charge your phone or iPod!  (What can’t this thing do?)

Another cool feature is the wheel’s flat-proof tire, crafted from high density foam. While the tire performs and weighs about the same as a regular bicycle tire, the GeoOrbital tire is virtually indestructible, and lasted in tests from 5,000 – 10,000 miles. If you do manage to damage the tire, GeoOrbital will offer replacements for purchase.

At a regular price point of $699, GeoOrbital is taking efforts to make the wheel affordable to consumers. The team behind GeoOrbital has launched a Kickstarter Campaign, reaching $618,513 pledged of a $75,000 goal in a short amount of time.

The GeoOrbital tech was developed in Cambridge, MA, and is crafted in New England with support from local vendors. The team hopes to use the funding from the GeoOrbital Kickstarter campaign to keep construction local and focused on quality. 

GeoOrbital has produced a promising product in a society concerned with fitness, clean energy and local manufacturing.