Hello, fellow party goers/people that love fun. As a New Yorker, there’s a multitude of places I can refer to to get a head’s up of what’s going on around town. This city is always hustling and bustling and because of that there is always something fun happening. For me, I have my personal stash of outlets like Thrillist, Eater, Gotham, and ILoveFreeConcerts for stuff like top margarita spots, best bottomless brunch, outdoor summer movies, and the list goes on and on.

In light of next week’s SXSW, we at ATYPICAL SOUNDS are highlighting one particular site that does for Austin what many great sites do for SXSW. is a site where you can find a high variety of different events to do in the 512 (Austin area code). The whole DoStuff Network has a plethora of other cities in its grasp; Do617 for Boston, Do312 Chicago, Do503 Portland and many others.

With categories like: Music, Comedy, Arts & Fashion, Happy Hours, Sports & Outdoors, Film and Food, the site manages to keep the citizens of Austin in a constant state of happy by promoting places where this kind of stuff can be revered.

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Austin is on the rise to a social utopia, breaking barriers in the past few years to become the hotspot it is now. It’s basically the Portland or Brooklyn of Texas. A city that people can look to as a place where art and business can flourish together.

And although we can’t put all the credit on SXSW, we also can’t ignore that the festival has done for Austin what Comic Con has done for San Diego.

In the Atypical Beasts spirit, this is one place that we revere because of their attitude. It is a city that stands for a place where your passion and your career can be one in the same.

Go to the site to check out some great, and cheap, places to go while you’re down there in Austin, as well as some great parties to keep your SXSW experience one to remember…or not remember.