The 2010’s have been kind to Glass Vaults. After three EPs, the New Zealanders have finally brought out their debut album, Sojourn and it is a haunting piece of work.

The psych-folk influences are mainly present in the opening tracks of the album, “Life Is the Show” and “West Coast.” They depart from this style fairly quick after that and enter a more ambient territory. Pulsating is a word that comes to mind when listening to Sojourn. All the songs consist of a perfect interweaving of percussion with electronics, ranging from dirty acid squelches to ambient drones. This blend makes for great ambient tracks such as “Don’t Be Shy II” and catchy tracks you just want to tap your feet to, such as “Sacred Heart.

The highlight of the album is without a doubt the title track. A solid 8-minute song, cut down to 5 for the radio edit, that keeps on swelling to tear-jerkingly beautiful heights. Even at its most climactic moments such as this, the album has a beautiful serenity to it. At all times the music shimmers like sunlight bouncing off a turbulent lake.

Glass Vaults have been touring round their native New Zealand consistently since last summer, promoting the album and the EP that preceded it. So far I haven’t been able to find any news on them branching out to the rest of the world. All I can say is….we’re waiting!