Glitterbox released a song on Friday and it is something else, in the best possible way.

“Maiden Aunts” starts off like a classic rock song, something reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. The vocals lend it this feeling with their short bellows that are guided by a guitar that sporadically riffs in the most proficient way.

The song goes from a rock anthem to an indie hit with an unexpected fluency. It drifts in and out of those two genres in what I can only describe as a structurally unstructured momentum. It swims from Zeppelin to The Shins, real quick.

I know that might sound a little complicated and convoluted but it isn’t, these transitions happen in a manner that is so effortless, its like spreading peanut butter and jelly on a waffle. At first you don’t think it’ll work, but you slowly realize that it is easy and absolutely delicious.

What more can you expect from a band that describes themselves as “a band fine-tuned to this cosmic ambivalence.” Cosmic ambivalence aside, this band seems to be also in tuned with a psyche that lends itself a level of authenticity that is not commonplace. Let’s wish for more bands to be like Glitterbox, the Beasts are rooting for it!