How far do people travel to perform at Cake Shop? From the other side of the world apparently, though the CMJ music marathon certainly qualifies as a special occasion. Tuesday night saw Aussie band Good Morning, who came all the way from Melbourne to perform in the best basement in Manhattan. ATYPICAL SOUNDS sat down with band members Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons for a chat after their brilliant set.


This is my first show of CMJ, thank you for kicking it off with an awesome set! Is this your first time in New York?

SB: I’ve been here before.

LP: I’ve never been here before.

What do you think so far?

LP: It’s awesome. New York is the coolest place in the world.

Do you have more shows planned for CMJ?

LP: We have 7 more.

In the next 4 days? Is that exciting or terrifying?

LP: It’s exciting. We wish we had booked more.

SB: We tried to book as many as we could, so that we didn’t just come over here and do nothing.

LP: It’s like 36 hours on a plane.


You guys are pretty far away. But now you’re here, and that’s all that matters.

SB: Exactly.

LP: We’re all jetlagged, but we’re feeling OK.

Have you gotten to do anything fun while you’re here?

SB: We’ve done heaps of fun stuff. We’ve only been here since Saturday…

LP: Just walking around is fun. Seeing shit.

It’s a great city to people-watch.

SB: It’s the best city, cause everything sounds like a sound bite from Grand Theft Auto. We went down the FDR the other day, and I was like “I know this street from Grand Theft Auto.”

LP: I’ve done terrible, terrible things on that street in that game.

Is that your favorite video game, or do you have another?

SB: I reckon that’s probably my favorite video game.

LP: It’s pretty great. It’s definitely top 3.

SB: I used to be really into Ratchet and Clank. That was a really good game. That was a big favorite of mine for many years.

LP: Goldeneye 007 was the greatest videogame of all time.

SB: Donkey Kong, Super Nintendo was genius also.

Have you tried the pizza in New York?

LP: We did. We went to this place on Broadway and 112th or something, and it was twice the fucking size of my head. And it was really, really good.

Is there anything you’d like to share with your audience?

LP: Sunbeam Sound Machine!


What is that Facebook page, Boycott Good Morning?

LP: It’s run by us, but it’s like…I think people actually like it.

SB: It’s all about condensing a community of haters, and making sure we have this community of people that really don’t like us.

LP: You know how on Facebook, you can see how many people like you?

SB: You also want the “anti-likes”.

All publicity is good publicity.

LP: There’s also a group called Boycott Boycott Good Morning. That’s not us.

Do you know them?

LP: Yeah, we do. They’re friends of ours.

SB: What would you like to share [with the audience]?

I guess that I hope the rest of CMJ goes as well for me as it has tonight.

Upcoming performances:

Friday, 10/16 at Black Bear Bar (6pm) and Our Wicked Lady (7:30pm)

Saturday, 10/17 at The Delancey (5:35pm)

Watch: Good Morning, “You/On the Street”