Imagine an app that lets you not only show off your talents, but also discover the talents and gifts of others. Need an illustrator for that epic graphic novel you’ve been thinking about? Need a drummer for that band you’re starting? Need a model or photographer for your chic clothing line? TALNTS has been created to help you cut out the middle man and go directly to the source. The app is fresh to the social media scene, dressed in the potential to sit at the cool kids table with all the other in demand social media apps.


John Goldbranson, 29, CEO of TALNTS, realized a better way that he and people all over the world could display their talents without over exhausting themselves. Thus began the creation of TALNTS, an app where everyone, everywhere, could show the world their gifts and/or collaborate. As a singer and writer, I instantly found this app intriguing. Curious, I gave it a go. Signing up was very simple. I created my profile and added #tags and four mandatory images, keeping in mind what I thought best to describe me and my talents. All of this became my Talnts Card.

There are four main features to this app. The Feed, this works just like Instagram by displaying the posts of the people you choose to connect with. The Highlights Page, which lets you see what the most popular content is on the app. Connect Search, where you can set the benchmark for what exactly you are looking for. This includes filters for distance from location as well as hashtags. I also was given the option of linking the app to my other networks such as SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Within twenty-four hours I had sixteen people who wanted to connect with me.

There is no doubt that there is countless talent about to get discovered and many connections to be made on this app.